Software Center

Software Center is a tool on all Fairfield ITS-managed Windows computers that helps deliver applications, updates, and upgrades to you.

Locating Software Center

Software center can be located in the Start menu under "Microsoft Endpoint Manager"

Alternatively, you may search for it by clicking either the Start button or Magnifying glass in the lower left corner of your screen and typing "Software Center".

Notifications and Restart Behavior

Pop-up notifications are displayed when Applications, Updates, or Operating System Upgrades are deployed as "Available" or "Required".
When you see this message you will have 24 hours to restart your device before your system restarts automatically.

If the deadline is reached and you have not restarted you will receive the message below to allow you time to save any work to avoid loss of data.
Note: This message cannot be delayed or snoozed. If you close this message your computer with restart.

Contact the ITS Help Desk in the Library Room 230 or at (203) 254-4069 for assistance.