Dropbox for Education

Fairfield University licenses Dropbox for full-time faculty and staff. To claim your account, go to dropbox.com and sign in with your university email.

Changes to Dropbox

In May 2024, Dropbox initiated an update to bring more granularity and organization. This update necessitates the installation of a new Desktop Dropbox application. Please contact the Helpdesk and we will assist you in installing the latest Dropbox on your computer.

You can find information about team space and file structure changes by visiting this link. 



How do I access my Dropbox from the web? 

To access your Dropbox from the web:  

  1. Log in with your email address and password. http://www.dropbox.com/login

  2. Once you enter your Fairfield University email address select the SSO option.

Why do I not see my files in Dropbox? 

If you are unable to see your files in Dropbox, there could be a few reasons: 

  1. Location of Files: Ensure that the files you are looking for are stored within your personal folder and not the root folder of Dropbox. 

  2. Sync Issues: Check if your Dropbox sync is functioning correctly. Sometimes, sync errors can prevent files from appearing. 

  3. Q. How do I synchronize between the cloud and desktop? 

  4. A. You can learn about synchronizing between the cloud and desktop by visiting this link.: https://help.dropbox.com/sync/sync-overview  

To resolve this issue: Close all documents open in Dropbox. Reboot your system. 

If the problem persists, uninstall, and then reinstall Dropbox. You can do this through the Software Center. If you encounter any difficulties, email the itshelpdesk@fairfield.edu   or X4069 for assistance.

If you receive email on an iOS mobile device (iPad/iPhone) using the built in MAIL application or use the Dropbox app on mobile, you need to update your password manually on your device to synchronize it to resume.  Please contact the Helpdesk at itshelpdesk@fairfield.edu or 203-254-4069 should you need assistance. 

How do I create a new Quick Access for my Dropbox files? 

Go to wherever your Dropbox folder itself is stored (the local copy of your Dropbox that's downloaded down to your hard drive, which is normally inside (C:\Users\"Username” \ Fairfield University Dropbox) 

Right-click the Drop Box folder and choose "Pin to Quick Access" (or just drag and drop it into place). 

Contact the ITS Help Desk in the Library Room 230 or at (203) 254-4069 for assistance.