Registering ROKU TV on Fairfield Guest Network

Non-computing devices need to be registered with a MAC address to the guest network before their setup

  1. To get the MAC address, Turn on the TV, navigate to settings> device info> MAC address(12-digit alphanumeric address)

  2. Connect to, on a laptop or phone

a.Login with your net ID and password 

b.Select Add device, provide a name(prefer using the building location for ease) and MAC address, and then hit submit.

c.The status doesn't change, so there is no need to worry about this, even if it says pending

  1. Restart the tv and it will be connected to the guest network.

  2. Still unable to access the internet try navigating to

    1. settings>network>select check connection

    2. This will prompt a screen “Network connection help”, looks like this

c. Select I am at a hotel or college dorm, follow the instructions shown on the screen

d. Upon connecting to the network name and password on your device, it will prompt you to a screen with Fairfield University’s Acceptable Use Policy,

Note: The network name and password will be different for the device you are trying to connect.

e. Close the browser window, and select use without internet.

Wait for 30-60 seconds and the TV will update and it will be connected to the guest network.


Setting up a brand-new Roku TV

  1. Select English

  1. Choose your network, connect to Fairfield guest

  1. Follow steps 4-c to 4-e mentioned in the article above(click here)

  2. Sign in with a Roku account if you have one or create a general account for setup

  1. Enter your email address, and then you will receive an email to activate your device

  2. Set up your device and add the applications that you want to be installed on the TV.

  3. TV will recognize the changes and start updating as per your configurations.


Contact the ITS Help Desk in the Library Room 230 or at (203) 254-4069 for assistance.