Resource Account Creation Policy

Information Technology Services


Requesting a Resource Account on the Exchange Server

Procedure:  Requests for a resource account on the Exchange Server should sent in as a ticket by visiting by a manager-level employee or higher.  The request should include the following information:

1) Reason for resource account – why a personal mailbox cannot be used.

2) Name for resource account (example,  The name (alias) of the account cannot contain spaces, underlines, hyphens.  It is suggested that you do not make the account alias unusually long.

3)  Display name option – please indicate if you would like a different display name other than the account alias.   The display name is what shows in the global address list and in the From: field of messages.

                Example – alias:  publications      display name:  Fairfield University Publications

4) Owner/manager of resource account – This person will be the main user of the account and will be responsible for maintaining the resource account mailbox.  The owner also decides who else can be given access to the account.

5)  Please indicate the name of any additional users for the resource account.

6)  Please indicate if this resource account should be hidden from the Global Address List.

Resource Account Passwords – Resource accounts do not have their own password.   Each person who accesses the account does so with their own username and password.    The authorized account users can also share specific individual mailbox folders with other people using the permissions features in Outlook without ever having to share a password or ask for full account access for that person.

Owner Responsibilities - The designated owner of the resource account is responsible for maintaining the account by deleting unused items or archiving older items.  The owner is also responsible for notifying ITS if people need to be added or removed from account access and when the account is no longer needed.

Account Defaults – Resource accounts have the same default size limits as other mailboxes – a total mailbox size of 5 GB. 

Ownership Changes – Requests to change the owner of a resource account should be made by sending mail to the Help Desk at  The request must come from the current owner.   If the current owner is no longer employed, their supervisor should give the name and phone extension of the new owner and the date the change is to take place.

The Fairfield University Acceptable Use Policy governs all users of resource accounts: Acceptable Use Policy

Updated Date:  01/14/2019

For further assistance, please visit the ITS Help Desk located in NYS 230 or call 203-254-4069 during business hours.

Hours can be found here: ITS Help Desk Hours of Operation

Contact the ITS Help Desk in the Library Room 230 or at (203) 254-4069 for assistance.