Online Registration

Banner 9 Registration Overview and Features

The latest version of our registration system includes several exciting new features, as well as an improved and intuitive user experience.

Prepare for Registration

Prior to registration, access the Prepare for Registration link to check your registration status as well as other important registration information, including holds, special permissions, and registration times.

Plan Ahead

One of the most exciting features of Banner 9 Registration is the Plan Ahead functionality. You can use this feature to create up to five registration plans prior to registration. Then when it’s time for you to register, you simply submit your first choice plan and the system will determine which classes are available. There is no need to enter individual CRNs at time of registration if you PLAN AHEAD!

To Create a Plan:

  1. Click 

  2. Select classes. You can use % as a wildcard when searching or you can enter a specific course number. Bubble help guides will assist you on certain fields. Be sure to always include a leading zero when entering a course number (e.g. AC 0203, EC 0011, or RS 0101C).

    3. You can add courses to your plan or individual CRNs (recommended). Click on  in your search results to add them to your plan! Note: You can add a closed/full section to your plan.

Please note: If you see Restriction! under the Status column, that generally just means you cannot register at this time. Course restrictions can be viewed in the Detail Course information by clicking on the course title and do not show in the Status column.

4. After you’ve added a course, click  and give your plan a name. You can then search for other courses to add to your plan!

Register for Classes

You can access Register for Classes when your assigned time ticket allows. To check your time ticket, use the Prepare for Registration link described above.

You can register for classes using any combination of the following options:

  • Using the Find Classes search tool
  • Enter CRNs
  • Plans created in Plan Ahead are accessible for registration! You can add individual classes from your plans, or simply click  and you’ll immediately see the courses listed in the Summary panel and in your class schedule as Pending.

  • For variable-credit classes such as DNP Immersion, click on the Schedule and Options tab. Then click on the number of credits, type the correct number, and click Submit.

You can also see your Class Schedule on the registration screen. It will display your chosen classes in grey before you are registered for them. This is a great way to help you visualize your possible schedule before you submit it!

Another helpful new feature is the Conditional Add and Drop checkbox. Only want to drop a class if you can register for another? Check this box at the bottom right of the screen and the system will only add/drop for you if there are no issues; if there is a conflict it will not drop the course(s) for which you are already registered!

Click  and you will be notified in the upper right hand corner of the screen if a course is unavailable to you. You are required to act on that notification.

Schedule and Options Tab

This tab gives you a customizable view of your schedule and allows you to print or export your schedule as a downloadable .ics file for use with your calendar software. Also on this screen, you can modify the number of credits for certain courses.

Waitlist Processing

Waitlist processing, including notification and registration, begins when registration opens. Waitlists end two weeks prior to the start of each term.   

When a space becomes available in a class, the first student on the waitlist will be notified via their University Gmail account with instructions on how to register for the waitlisted class. Students will receive an email giving them 72 hours to register for the class. Then, if the student does not register, they will receive another email notifying when they have only 24 hours left to register. If there is a time conflict in their schedule, the student will have to resolve that issue before registering for the waitlisted class. If the student fails to register for the class by the deadline stated in the emails, they will be removed from the waitlist for that class.

In order to register for a waitlisted course after receiving a notification that a seat has opened, students must follow the instructions included in the notification email:

  1. Log into the Online Registration system.
  2. Choose “Register for Classes.”
  3. Select the correct Registration Term.
  4. In the Summary frame, choose 'Registered/Web' from the drop-down menu that appears under Action.
  5. Click Submit.

Waitlists enrollments and the process of notifying students begin after all undergraduate cohorts have registered, and end the week prior to each semester starting. During this period, the Registrar’s Office will not honor “write-ins” from instructors for closed courses. The electronic waitlist will be the only mechanism for filling available openings in closed courses. Beginning on the Friday before the semester begins, students may register for classes with open seats on a first come, first served basis. During the Add/Drop period, the Registrar will accept “write-ins” from instructors for closed courses with the approval of the appropriate department chair and/or assistant dean.

View Registration Information

Once you have registered, this link provides a detailed look at your schedule. You can click on the course title for course information. The schedule can also be printed or exported as a downloadable .ics file for use with your calendar software. The Schedule Details tab shows the instructors and locations of your classes. You can also view your schedules for past semesters.

Browse Classes

Use this search to find specific sections of classes offered in a term.

Enter Subject and a course number (with leading zero, e.g. HI 0010 or AC 0203) or use the % wildcard.

Clicking on the course title displays important information about the section, including course attributes, restrictions, prerequisites, fees, and a link to the bookstore to view or purchase required textbooks.

Browse Course Catalog

This view is similar to Browse Classes, but it shows overall course information rather than being section-specific. You can, however, view sections here as well. Locating a course is the same as with Browse Classes and here you can also click on the course title to find out detailed class information.