Lucidchart is a browser-based diagramming application that allows you to collaborate with others in real-time. It is helpful for creating flowcharts, mind maps, website wireframes, UML designs, software prototypes, etc.

Lucidchart offers three (3) free diagrams and after that users must upgrade to a paid subscription in order to create more, or delete their existing diagrams before starting a new one.

Logging In

  1. Visit
  2. Select Log in
    1. Students: Choose Sign in with Google 

    2. Faculty: Choose Sign in with Office 365

  3. Sign in using your Fairfield University Email.

  4. If this is your first time signing in, you will be prompted to select your role.

Creating Documents

  1. Select New
  2. Choose whether you want to create a LucidSpark (great for white boarding, brainstorming, or facilitating discussions) or a LucidChart (ideal for diagrams, mind maps, etc.). Once you've made your choice, select Start Diagramming.

Adding Shapes

Drag and drop shapes from the left-hand panel onto the work canvas. You can also drag and drop shaped already added to the canvas.

Customizing Shapes

Click a shape to reveal its drag points.

  • Dragging blue squares will resize the shape. Dragging the curved blue arrow on the top-left of a shape will rotate it.
  • Dragging red circles will create relationship lines to connect to other shapes.
  • Lines have their own drag points. Double-click any shape to edit its text.

  • Select a shape (or line) and click the paint bucket on the Lucidchart toolbar to view and change all color aspects.

Adding Images

  • Click the image icon on the left side of the Lucidchart toolbar to upload a locally-saved image.

Create an Offline Copy

  1. Select File
  2. Then select Export
  3. Choose your preferred format.
  4. Choose any additional options depending on your format and select Download.

Sharing and Publishing Your Lucidchart

  1. Select Share
  2. Select Link
  3. Toggle Shareable Link On
  4. Select the permissions for your views - allow them to view, edit, and/or comment on your project.


You can collaborate with others on your LucidChart. Work simultaneously, comment on the document, and chat with collaborators. More information can be found on LucidChart's Blog:

Contact the ITS Help Desk in the Library Room 230 or at (203) 254-4069 for assistance.