Run Windows on your Mac

This article provides some basic information to acquire Windows and install it on your Mac as a student.

There a few ways that you can run Windows on your Mac:

  1. Bootcamp for Mac - Enables Dual boot of Windows on your Mac
  2. A Virtual machine app such as Parallels or Virtualbox

Regardless of the above method, a valid copy of Windows will need to be acquired in order to use either. 

ITS or Help Desk support is not available for this process. Information is only being offered to accommodate students who may find it academically necessary to use the Windows Operating System on their Mac computer.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Acquire Windows 8 or higher. ITS does not provide Windows for free.
    1. STEM students can acquire it via Microsoft Imagine, see Access Microsoft Imagine (Dreamspark)
    2. All other students, can go to for discounts on Windows.
  2. Once Windows is acquired, choose a method to use Windows on your Mac:
    1. Bootcamp for Mac - See How to install Windows using Boot Camp on Apple's support site. 
      1. If you need assistance with Bootcamp, please contact Apple Support.
    2. Parallels for Mac - Discounts are available for students - Visit to purchase at a discount
    3. Virtualbox for Mac - Free software - Visit

Contact the ITS Help Desk in the Library Room 230 or at (203) 254-4069 for assistance.