How to Transfer Digital Tickets from a Mobile Device

  1. Go to


  2. Enter your email address on the first screen.


  3. On the next screen, if you created a password previously, you may enter your password and select the Sign In button.

  4. If you have not created a password, select the Sign In With a Code option. A code will then be sent to your email and come from “”. Enter the code in the box and then select Verify.

  5. Select the Transfer Tickets icon.


  6. Select the type of ticket you would like to transfer: INDOOR or OUTDOOR.

  7. Select the individual tickets you would like to transfer and then select CONTINUE at the bottom. Please note, you cannot transfer tickets to multiple guests as the same time.

  8. Enter the recipient’s first and last name

    1. If you have the other person’s email address select Use Email Instead and enter their email address, then select the Review Transfer at the bottom.

    2. If you do not have the other person’s email address enter the mobile number of the person you want to send the tickets to, then select the Review Transfer at the bottom.


  9. Review the information you entered and select the Transfer Ticket button at the bottom when you are ready to transfer the tickets. Please note you can cancel the transfer process any time before the tickets are accepted by the recipient.

  10. You will see this screen to confirm that your tickets were sent to the other person. They must accept the transfer in order for the tickets to appear in their account.

  11. If you would like to complete another transfer, you can select the Start a New Transfer option. Otherwise, you can select Back to My Account.

If you initiated the ticket transfer using your guest’s email address, both you and the recipient will receive email notifications of the entire transfer process. If you initiated the transfer using your guest’s phone number, you will receive email notifications, but the recipient will receive only text message notifications. 

If you have any questions related to the ticket transfer process, please contact the Box Office at or (203) 254-4136.

Contact the ITS Help Desk in the Library Room 230 or at (203) 254-4069 for assistance.