Filling in PDF Forms on a Mac


  • For users of Macintosh computers, the process for properly filling in and saving a PDF form (such as those distributed by Human Resources for Performance Appraisals) is slightly different than on a Windows machine. By default, the Mac’s Preview application is set to open all PDF files, but Preview will not easily save the data you put into the forms. You therefore will need to open the forms with Acrobat Reader, which is installed on all University-owned Macs.


    1. When you download a form from the Fairfield website, your browser will prompt you to either save or open the file in Preview (if you’re using Firefox) or will open the PDF in a browser window (if you’re using

      Safari). From Firefox, choose Save File; and from Safari, right click (or Control click) on the form and choose Save Page As...

    2. Find the file you saved and either right-click on it or hold down the Control key on your keyboard and click on it. A
      menu will appear, the second
      entry of which will be 
      Open With. Roll your mouse over that option and a secondary menu will appear, listing a series  of programs. Choose Acrobat Readerfrom the list and the file will now open in Acrobat rather than in Preview.

      From within Acrobat you will be able to fill in the fields that have been set up and save the file with your text in it.cns_fillingpdfs_mac.pdf

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