Kaltura MediaSpace

Kaltura MediaSpace is a public page allowing Fairfield University faculty, staff, and students access to manage their My Media content as well as access department channel videos, such as ITS Tutorials.

MediaSpace is currently in a pilot phase, but users are encouraged to explore the platform and provide feedback and requests to academiccomputing@fairfield.edu.

Request a Channel for Your Department

If you would like to create a channel for your department or class, please email academiccomputing@fairfield.edu with the following information:

  • Name of the channel
  • User(s) who will manage the channel

    A group will be created as the channel owner. Users added to the group will be able to upload and organize videos within the channel.

    To add or remove users, email academiccomputing@fairfield.edu.

  • Privacy Setting of the Channel
    • Public (when the link is shared)
    • Requires Authentication (anyone with an active NetID can access with the link)
    • Private (only authorized users can access)
      • If Private, which users should have access? This may include students who are viewing content but may not need owner access to the channel.

Managing My Media through MediaSpace

Upload a Video to Kaltura My Media

Content uploaded to your My Media collection via Blackboard or MediaSpace will be accessible in both platforms. Below are steps to upload videos through MediaSpace.

  1. Go to fairfield.mediaspace.kaltura.com.
  2. Click Guest.
  3. Click Log in.
  4. Select + Add New
    1. Media Upload: Upload an existing video from your computer files
    2. Express Capture: Record a video within your browser using your Web Cam
  5. After recording or uploading, enter the following metadata:
    1. Name (this will be displayed to viewers)
    2. Description (optional)
    3. Publishing Status:
      1. Private - only you have access as the content owner unless other collaborators have been added
      2. Unlisted - video is only visible to people with whom the the link or embed code have been shared/posted.
      3. Published - the video will be automatically changed published when they are embedded in a Blackboard course.
  6. Select Save

If the video has finished uploading, you may choose "Go to Media" or leave this page. The video may still take time to process.

Share a Public Link to a Video

  1. Go to fairfield.mediaspace.kaltura.com.
  2. Select My Media.
  3. Click Log in.
  4. Find the video you want to share and note if it says Unlisted or Private.
  5. Click the title of video you want to share.

    • If the video was “Private” then below video at far right, click Actions and then Publish. Choose Unlisted and Save.
    • If video was already “Unlisted” move to the next step.
  6. Below the video, click Share and copy the link or embed code.

As long as the video is Unlisted, the link and embed code will work for anyone without requiring a Fairfield University NetID.

Videos shared via this method will not capture specific student usage data.


You can share your video by providing others with a link, or you can provide another user at Fairfield University with access to edit, publish, or even be listed as the public owner of the video.

  1. Go to fairfield.mediaspace.kaltura.com
  2. Select My Media
  3. Click Log in
  4. Find the video and select the title of the video you want to collaborate on
  5. Choose Actions and then choose Edit from the dropdown menu
  6. Open the Collaboration tab
  7. Change the Media Owner or Add/Edit Collaborators

Contact the ITS Help Desk in the Library Room 230 or at (203) 254-4069 for assistance.