Registration of a Student Computer On-Campus

The purpose of this document is to walk students through connecting to the STUDENT network, downloading, and installing the Cisco Full Mobility client for their Macintosh and Windows computers.

All computers that are registered to the university network must have:

  • All operating system updates for Mac or Windows.

  • Antivirus software for Mac and Windows with updated virus definitions.

  • Please note: You must claim your NetID first before following the next steps. These instructions require you to log in and download software using your NetID name and password.

Registration Instructions

Once you have verified that your computer meets the network requirements, you can proceed to register it.

Please note the remote network registration is only for computers with Windows 10 or newer and macOS 11 or newer. All other devices will need to be upgraded.


Registering a Windows PC

Choose the STUDENT Wi-Fi network, enter your NetID and password, and click Connect if asked to Continue connecting.

If presented with a Security Alert asking to proceed, click Yes and Yes to the next Security Alert message to trust the certificate.

Using any browser, navigate to the site. You will be redirected to a Device registration portal. Click Start to begin the process.

The process will verify if the required network software is installed your computer. Soon after, you will see a Click to Download Agent button. Download the agent.



Click the link to download the software. In your Downloads, you will now have the anyconnect-ise-win installation. Double-click this file to begin the installation.

Click Connect when presented with the Trusted and Secure Connection message. The Network Setup Assistant will finish the installation, and you may see an ISE Posture message: Checking for Network Compliance:

You will see an AnyConnect VPN client window. Leave this blank and “x” out of the window.

Now click the Go to Fairfield University Home link to test Internet access. If the Fairfield University website comes up successfully, your PC is successfully connected Wi-Fi and is compliant.




Registering a MacBook

Connect to the STUDENT Wi-Fi network. Enter your NetID and password, choose Remember this information, and click OK. Click Continue to the Verify Certificate message.


If you se the following message, click Cancel. Browse to the University website,


  1. At the Device Registration page, Click Start to begin the installation. The installation process will run a Device Security Check and then prompt you to Click to Download Agent, then click the URL to download and install AnyConnect.

  2. Check your Downloads folder. Launch the anyconnect-ise-nsa-macos dmg file. This will mount the Cisco Network Setup Assistant. Double click to launch the application.

  3. Click Open if presented with the message Are you sure you want to open it?

  4. Click Connect to the Trusted and Secure Connection window. This will help complete the installation process.

  5. If presented with any message indicating the installation would like to make changes, enter your Mac admin password and click Ok.

  6. You will be presented with an Action Required window. This is to be expected. Click Open System Settings at the bottom of the window.



In Privacy & Security, find and click the Allow button.



  1. You may have to enter your admin password at this point and then click Unlock.

  2. If presented with “Cisco Secure Client – Socket Filter” Would Like to Filter Network Content, click Allow. This helps prevent malicious traffic and malware from affecting you and your computer. You may need to click Allow several times.

  3. At this point you should be back at the Device Registration window and have successfully connected to the STUDENT Wi-Fi network. Click Go to Fairfield University Home.

  4. You may see a Cisco Secure Client – Notification message from the top right of the menu bar. Click Allow to this message. It will help keep you informed of security updates and keep you updated:

You should now be able to access the Fairfield University website:


Contact the ITS Help Desk in the Library Room 230 or at (203) 254-4069 for assistance.