Multi-Factor Authentication Self-Service Instructions

Device Management

Duo MFA provides the ability to add multiple devices to complete the second factor authentication. Having more than 1 device is helpful in situations when your primary device is unavailable and MFA is required for accessing a protected application. Typical choices for MFA devices include smartphone and landlines, but users can also purchase a U2F token if they choose.

There are 2 different ways for users to manage their devices:

1.     Enter Device Management

There are two ways to enter the device management process, either via the Device Management Portal or from the MFA prompt. The Portal is available from both on and off campus locations but the MFA prompt will not be available on campus since MFA is not required when connected to a campus network.

a. Enter via the Device Management Portal

Users can leverage this portal to add, remove, or modify their MFA devices. This website is accessible from both on and off campus locations and has been created specifically for the purpose of managing MFA devices. It does not allow access to any protected applications, such as OWA or VPN. Users are recommended to close the browser page after they have completed device management activity.

Users will be prompted for their NetID and password, followed by the second factor authentication. If a device is not available for MFA, users can call the helpdesk for a special one-time code that will allow them access. After a successful login, the Device Management page will be presented.

Navigate to

If you are not already signed into the Fairfield U portal, you will see the regular login screen for your primary credentials. Login here with your NetID and password.

Once your primary credentials have been authenticated (or if you were already signed in), you will see a Duo prompt for secondary authentication (MFA). Click on the authentication method of your choice ("Push" is always recommended as it is the easiest option).

Duo will notify that an MFA request has been sent per your chosen method to confirm your secondary authentication.


b. Enter from the MFA prompt

Users are also able to enter the device management screens during the MFA process. When attempting to access a protected application from an off-campus location, users are presented the MFA challenge screen. This page provides device management options on the left side of the MFA window as shown below.

To enter the Device Management process, do not click on the authentication options on the right ('Send Me a Push', 'Call Me', 'Enter a Passcode'). Instead, click on the 'My Settings & Devices' on the left side of the window.

This will navigate to the 'My Settings & Devices' screen where you will now need to MFA to confirm your identity. Click on 'Send Me a Push' if that's your preferred MFA option, or choose another. The screen layout will vary depending on number of MFA devices that you have enrolled in Duo. The picture on the left is for one device only, the one on the right shows a drop-down where a different device can be selected for MFA.

The MFA window will confirm it has sent you a login/MFA request to your device. At this time, the MFA needs to be validated.

2.     Manage your Devices

Once the MFA is confirmed from either of the two methods above, Duo will show a listing of your devices with actions that can be taken on each. Click on "Device Options" to edit the device settings or click on "Add another device" that will allow adding a new smartphone, tablet, or landline to your account. This screen will also allow changing the default device (which will always be selected first when you need to MFA). Lastly, you can also choose the default "action" when MFA is needed. For example, you can ask Duo to send you a push automatically to your default device when you need to MFA.

Replacing a Smartphone with same number

If you have a new smartphone with the same phone number, open settings for the device and click on "Reactivate Duo Mobile".

This will take you through the process to the barcode for activating Duo Mobile. Scan the barcode in the Duo app and this will re-enable "push" capabilities on the new phone.

Adding a New Device

You can add as many devices, at least 2 are recommended so that a backup device is available in case the primary authentication method is not reachable.

Pick the type of device you are adding and follow the process of adding that to your account.

Deleting a Device

If a device is no longer available, it can be removed from the list of available devices. Simply click on the "delete" icon to remove.

Save your changes

Once you have completed making changes to your devices, click Save.

The "Save" button will now say "Saved".

Exiting Device Management

To return to your application login process, click on "Back to Login". You can also close the browser window if you do not need to login to the application at this time.

Need Help?

If help is needed at any time, clicking on the "Need Help?" link will show the help desk location and phone number to call.

**Please note: since MFA is not required while on a campus network, this option for device management will only work when away from campus. Users are recommended to bookmark the link to the device management portal (in option #1) and use that site for both on and off campus locations.

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For further assistance, please visit the ITS4U Help Desk located in NYS 215 or call 203-254-4069 during business hours.

Hours can be found here: ITS4U Help Desk Hours of Operation

Contact the ITS Help Desk in the Library Room 230 or at (203) 254-4069 for assistance.