*Blackboard Ultra Roadmap*


Stay ahead of the curve and enhance your Blackboard Ultra Course View experience by exploring the new feature highlights and roadmap webinar archives. These comprehensive webinars provide valuable insights into the latest features, enhancements, and upcoming developments in Blackboard Ultra Course View.

Immerse yourself in the roadmap webinar archives and discover:

  • New features and enhancements: Explore the latest tools and functionalities that Blackboard Ultra Course View has to offer, empowering you to create engaging and effective learning experiences.

  • Upcoming developments: Stay informed about the future of Blackboard Ultra Course View and anticipate the exciting features and enhancements that are on the horizon.

New Feature Highlights

The following features were released within the last quarter or are slated to be rolled out and readily available in Ultra Course View within the next 1-3 months. Please note that this list is not comprehensive and new features are released on a rolling basis.

Available Now

Course Layout & Navigation

Original to Ultra Transition:

General Layout & Navigation:

Mobile Improvements:

Content Design

Assessments & Grading

AI Tools:

Assessment Settings:

Gradebook Improvements:


AI Tools

UnSplash uses your content to generate search terms for royalty-free images to embed in your course. It can also be used to Generate AI images.

Design Assistant generates course structure, test questions, authentic assessment, discussion, and journal prompts, and rubric suggestions based on existing content or key words entered into the tool. These suggestions are aligned with Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Coming Soon

Course Layout & Navigation

Base Navigation

  • Improved filtering and term selection


  • A number indicator in the top navigation will show any new announcements to increase visibility

    • Students can mark announcements as read/unread

  • Post announcements from the creation window


  • Ability to reply to Emails

  • Improvements to self-enroll groups

  • Reply to Messages from Email if Allow Replies is checked

Content Design

  • Broken Link Checker

  • Multiple Release Condition Rules

  • Suggested text for image alternative text using AI (Requires instructor review to ensure description is contextual)

Assessments & Grading


  • Ability for students to de-select answers on True/False questions

  • Print blank tests for paper-based administration. Option to print as a PDF which can be later be converted to Word Doc for editing.

    • Scheduled release will exclude question pools when printing.

  • Item Statistics (including average and standard deviation)

  • Provide audio/video feedback on individual questions when grading


  • Anonymous Forms


  • Follow discussions

    • Improved notifications


  • Indicator for new grades and feedbacks on the course navigation in student view

  • Overall Grade: weighted calculation improvements

  • Document grade adjustments with private notes

AI Tools

  • Select Output language for generated content

Release Notes and Details


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Roadmap Recordings


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